Ep 2 – Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove: What Does Love Look Like in Public? (Part 2)

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove is a southern-bred preacher, a New Monastic, and a street-level activist. His disciplined life of prayer has driven him straight into the public square as a leader in North Carolina’s Moral Monday movement, a movement that has now morphed into a nation-wide poor people’s campaign, Repairers of the Breach.

In a wide-ranging, candid conversation, Jonathan offers a compelling argument for faith-based political engagement, a punchy deconstruction of the Religious Right he once served as a foot soldier, lessons from the Black church in challenging the “bullhorn racism” of Donald Trump, and a hopeful vision for a grassroots ecumenism coming together as Christendom falls apart.

Welcome to the second of three episodes with Jonathan, named for a burning question that drives his work and witness: “What does love look like in public, Part 2.”

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