12 – Stan McKay – The Liberation of Theology

We like to think of Stan McKay as Manitoba’s Bishop Tutu. He has held the highest office in the land in the United Church of Canada, but his influence and recognition as a spiritual leader of the Cree extends well beyond the bounds of the church. The name given to him in the lodge is Walking Buffalo, a name that associates him with a creature and a way of life threatened by extinction. It is also a name that ties him to the teaching of Respect, the teaching held by the Buffalo in the Seven Sacred Teachings of his people. Stan teaches mostly through story, as a practice of respect. Still, his challenge is clear, pointing to a way of being that is opposite to Western values of competition, domination and aggression. Stan goes beyond liberation theology to “the liberation of theology.” We are honoured by his gift of time and voice. Chi-meegwetch! (Great thanks!)

1 thought on “12 – Stan McKay – The Liberation of Theology

  1. Thank you for this… I located this episode when I searched for more information on Stan McKay while reading The Land is not Empty by Sarah Augustine. My heart has had a good balm because of this interview. Thank you.

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