2 – James Alison – From the Outside In

James Alison might insist that he is “fairly clearly not an authority, and often just a silly old queen,” but underneath his mirth and modesty lies an exceptional theological depth. America: The Jesuit Review hails this institutional outsider as an authority who “belongs on any short list of the most important living Catholic theologians.”

In this conversation, Alison addresses himself to a generation that has good bullshit detectors, but little social glue, speaking into the challenge of how to cultivate a togetherness no longer defined over against the “baddie du jour.” Questions of catholicity, original sin and the high priesthood of all believers are dealt with in due course. An uncloseted priest from the edges of the Roman Catholic Church speaks into central issues for our time.

Episode References:

Alana’s song, The Heart of God, from the album, Behold, I Make All Things New:

The Heart of God has been revealed
The Heart of God has been revealed
To bring love not hate
Pour out not dominate
The Heart of God has been revealed.
The Heart of God has been revealed
The Heart of God has been revealed
To forgive not blame
To make whole not shame
The Heart of God has been revealed.
Halleluja, Halleluja, Halleluja, Halleluja
The Heart of God has been revealed

4 thoughts on “2 – James Alison – From the Outside In

  1. Darryl Collier-Freed January 19, 2019 — 12:31 pm

    Dear Fermentors,

    I just finished your podcast with James Alison and was quite touched by it. I follow James on his website because I need to, because he helps me see Jesus. Perhaps one way to think of his authority is faithfulness to gift, and I think you all are doing the same, at least in episode 2! (Haven’t listened to others yet). I found your podcast beautiful—James is a part of that, but so we’re you both and those who sustain you—in your thoughtful questions, honest doubts and struggles, fitting stories, respect for each other, a great song from Alana with a liturgical blessing to boot. You made my morning and sanctified some of that troubling screen time my iPhone tracks!

    Thanks again!

    Darryl from Ohio

    1. Hello Darryl from Ohio!

      So glad that you are enjoying the podcast. James is a lovely human being. And brilliant. I love the way you name his authority as “faithfulness to gift.” Have you listened to anything else yet? More lovely human beings! We are so grateful for the guests who have come our way. If there are other beautiful soldiers in the revolution of love who you follow because you need to, we’d love to hear about them – mpr

  2. Have you planned to post the transcript?

    1. Hi Andrea! We have certainly discussed the possibility of making transcripts available. It’s good to hear that there is interest, thank you.

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