11 – Alana Levandoski – Integral

Alana Levandoski has been called a “right-brain theologian,” but she wasn’t always open about her faith. Today her website introduces her as “a song and chant writer and recording artist, in the Christian tradition, who lives with her family on an aspiring permaculture farm on the Canadian prairies.” She is really on her second music career. Her integration of faith and art, her grounding in a life of family and a life on the land arises from a moment of rebirth at what seemed like the end of the road for an up-and-coming darling of the alt-folk scene, a starlet who was playing big stages in Nashville and feeling utterly alone. One day this restless road warrior hit a wall, and after some time, broke through to a mystery. Sharing out of that mystery, she has today reemerged with new voice and new energy. Both political and mystical, Alana Levandoski is as edgy as ever, singing from the margins to the centre of our being and of our moment.

In this honest and wide-ranging conversation, Alana talks to Marcus about her journey as a spiritual being having a human experience.

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